Photo: Rick Baleros

Photo: Rick Baleros

Hey, there!


I'm Stacie, a photographer from Portland, Oregon who specializes in love, lifestyle, travel and people photography.

If I'm not out and about taking photos, I can usually be found working from my bed (I have a desk, I swear) with a cup of black coffee and some sort of pastry I wasn't about to resist.

I would describe myself as a doting plant mom, amateur aquarist, and a firm dog lover whose heart was stolen by a three-legged cat named Bumble.

But enough of my story—I want to hear and help tell yours. My goal is for you to leave from a session feeling like you had a fun, came away with great stories and pictures you will love for a lifetime, and a new friend!

If you're adventurous, a bit quirky, or just love getting outside, I feel you. My ideal photoshoot is probably something I haven't even been able to dream up yet. So far, I've rappelled down the face of a giant rock, climbed several trees, stood beneath a waterfall, endured some intense mud, stood before waves, ridden a horse, and braved a mosquito ridden swamp armed with a camera and a grin.

What I'm trying to say is, if you have a vision, nothing is too crazy; you can always count me in, I'm a "heck yes" girl through and through.

C'mon! Let's go on an adventure, take photos, and make memories.